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January gets more thrilling! 28 DJs to play at Oblivion desert rave

If you’re struggling with all the changes brought in by 2022, maybe a party is exactly what you need!

Oblivion, an amazing three-day, two-night bash, lets you dance under the stars, deep amid the sand dunes in Ras Al Khaimah. Ahead of Oblivion: Chapter 2 (January 28-30), Black Mountain Entertainment, the team behind the rave, has announced the DJs spearheading the party. 
All 28 of them! 

2 stages for all your raving needs

Oblivion: Chapter 2 will take place across two stages. The main stage will be led by international DJ legends Umek and Wehbba.

They’ll be supported by a cast of DJs including Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato, and Deniz Bull.
At the second stage, nicknamed ‘The Sandbox’, you can dance the nights away with local DJ legends like Cyrill Riyadi, DEA, and JAD. 

All the deets you need about Oblivion: Chapter 2

Where? ‘The Dunes Camping & Safari resort’ in Ras Al Khaimah.
When? January 28-30.

You can make the rave even more memorable by opting for a wide range of accommodation options like treehouses, heritage huts, and premium domes. 
Or you can go for general entry tickets and bring your own tent. 

Either way, it’s gonna be magical.

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