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14 Apr, Sunday
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Labourer becomes an Internet sensation overnight. Here’s how..

If you don’t know about the 60-year-old daily wage labourer from Kerala who transformed into a dapper model for a local brand photoshoot yet, let us tell you that you’ve been living under a rock because he’s taking over the Internet. 

Mammikka, hailing from the Kozhikode District of Kerala, was spotted by photographer Shareek Vayalli who had taken the worker’s photo and posted it on his Facebook page. That’s when Mammikka started going viral for sharing a striking resemblance to South-Indian actor Vinayakan. 

The newfound fame saw Mammikka being asked to model for a wedding suit company owned by Vayalli. A complete makeover later, he’s now an online sensation. Pictures from the shoot have emerged on social media and it’s safe to say that he can definitely consider modelling as an alternative career option. 

Oh, to have swagger and a stroke of luck like his! 

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