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15 Apr, Monday
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Loosen your belt. Buffalo wings and rings to grace JLT

Anyone who has been in Dubai for any duration of time is well acquainted with a mainstay of Dubai’s nightlight, Buffalo wings, and rings.
If you’re somehow new to the wings and rings experience, here’s what you need to know.

The wings are the best in town. We ain’t kidding

They are committed to using fresh wings i.e. never frozen. They then take their wings to the next level by pairing them with amazing dips and sauces.

Their rings are un-believable

Think earth-shatteringly crisp and somehow light at the same time. Those rings are the perfect accompaniment to their Bullfrog cocktails.

Their deals are just mwuah

Their legendary brunch runs three times a weekend is an absolute killer, with prices starting from Dh119.

Simple and perfect for your next Thursday night (Or Friday, depending on HR).

And now, JLT residents can get their fill of wings and rings at Buffalo’s newest location opening in early 2022 at JLT Cluster U!
Get ready for more winging and ringing!

The resident ursine of BuzZzing .com, Mahesh always be found jumping from one obsession to the other and sometimes even writes about them. While not juggling hobbies, writing, and existential crises, he tries to get people to call him Nakashima.

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