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14 Apr, Sunday
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‘Thunderous’ was created as a reflection of the widely regarded, greatest boxer of all time – Muhammad Ali.

“Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee”, well if bees and butterflies caught a whiff of this oaky scent, they’d be on the way to buy one themselves. The flowery yet earthy perfume is highlighted by grapefruit, violet leaf, and cardamom, with heart notes of lavender and pepper and base notes of oak-moss, amber and sandalwood.

Amna Al Habtoor, the founder of UAE-based fine fragrance brand Arcadia, said: “Muhammad Ali’s core principles of life were confidence, conviction, dedication, respect, giving and spirituality, all of which resonated on a personal level and have been instrumental in my family life as well as in business. The perfume comes in two sizes – 100ml and 15ml. The collection also features a scented candle and a steel travel tube embossed with Ali’s signature. 

“Ali’s presence and charisma drew people to him; it attracted attention and admiration wherever he went. When we first started working with the Muhammed Ali Enterprise, we were determined to create something that represented the man and everything he and I stand for, which I believe we have Thunderous,” Amna added.

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