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15 Apr, Monday
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No stamps needed: UAE pupils’ postcards rocket into space

Futuristic cars, visiting the Moon, and planting the national flag on another planet. These were some of the imaginative drawings that school kids drew on postcards to express their vision for the nation’s next 50 years.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft will carry 100,000 of these postcards written by UAE pupils into space and return them with a “flown to space” stamp.

Playing postman on this long trip is a New Shepard suborbital flight by the Amazon founder’s space tourism company.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, Emirates Post Group, UAE Space Agency and AzurX are collaborating with the foundation to involve the Emirates on a bigger scale.

The kids hailed from International School of Creative Science, in Sharjah and the Al Mawakeb School in Dubai.

Looks like the stars are aligning for space travel enthusiasts!

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