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15 Apr, Monday
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‘Say Yes to the Dress Arabia’ gets local touch

‘Say Yes to the Dress Arabia’ is all set to lift up It’s veil and give us a kiss of some quality reality TV. The epic show is premiering on Friday, February 11, so brace yourself for a bridezilla here, some family drama there and a whole lot of incredible wedding dresses. 

The latest season of the series, which has seen an extremely successful stint of 15 years, was filmed in the UAE and is sure to give local reality TV fans what they’re looking for. 

Brides based not just in the UAE, but also from other countries, who are searching for their dream wedding gown in Dubai, have been selected for this installment and will continue the legacy of TLC’s most iconic reality TV show in this part of the world. 

Grab a friend, grab some snacks and tune into Starzplay for some spicy TV. 

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