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29 May, Wednesday
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This Kovid wins hearts with humour

When Covid-19 spread, the world reeled under an unprecedented upheaval. The pandemic wreaked havoc. However, it made one Indian a viral star.

Introducing Kovid Kapoor: Not a virus

With a name that’s sure to raise hackles, the spread of coronavirus made Kovid Kapoor show the comic side of the crisis. It resonated with the people and he became an instant star.
Amid the pandemic, Kapoor, co-founder of the trip planning site Holidify, tweeted a disclaimer: “My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus.”

Since then, he has entertained thousands with his hilarious encounters. Here are our favourites.

Bakery leaves behind Covid 19 for the future

I’m Google. I’m correct and you’re wrong

Kovid sips Corona. What?

The pandemic, with a side of humour

Running a travelling business during a pandemic is not the most enviable position to be in. However, the 31-year-old businessman, based in Bengaluru, credits his sense of humour for keeping the mood light during lockdowns.
It does get tedious, at times.

“When I’m in no mood for a conversation—while getting a coffee, booking a table reservation, I use an alternative name—Kabir Kapoor—so that there’s no chance of talking about it,”

Kovid Kapoor

Ever the optimist, he hopes that the coverage results in positive PR for his company. Now that’s turning life’s lemons into lemonade.

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