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15 Apr, Monday
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We found the purrfect way for you to destress!

Let’s face it.

After spending hours in meetings, handling deadlines, and annoying colleagues, you need some serotonin. If you’re a cat person, we found the best place for a stress-free meowrning at ‘Cat Café Vibrissae’ located in Al Safa Park Complex!

Pawsitive Vibes Only

With the tagline ‘cats, coffee and cuddles’, Cat Café Vibrissae lives up to its name, featuring a massive ‘cat area’, for felines to freely roam, and it comes complete with scratching posts, tree towers, and more.
Check out these beauties!

On the coffee side, Americano, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, piccolo are the usual suspects you would expect in a café. However, we recommend you experiment with one of the Vibrissae Specials: rose latte, pistachio latte, or the toffee nut latte.
For a blast from the recent past, you can even try the Dalgona coffee (You know, the one we made during lockdown).

And it’s not even that expensive!
It costs Dh49 for adults to enter the cat area, which includes hot tea, coffee, and water, while it’s Dh39 for children under age 10.

The resident ursine of BuzZzing .com, Mahesh always be found jumping from one obsession to the other and sometimes even writes about them. While not juggling hobbies, writing, and existential crises, he tries to get people to call him Nakashima.

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