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Wiebe Wakker takes the ‘green’ route to dubai

There ain’t no mountain high enough or river wide enough that can stand in the way of Wiebe Wakker, a Dutchman who chose to ditch the regular old aeroplane and is making his way to Dubai via rail, road and sea. This incredible journey of the self-proclaimed sustainable adventurer starts in his home country, the Netherlands, and will take him through nine countries. 

All this, in the name of eco-tourism. 

According to Wakker’s itinerary, he will arrive in Dubai on January 12 and is all set to make an appearance at an event planned at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, where he will be giving a talk about sustainable tourism. He will be making pit stops in Vienna, Bucharest, Turkey, Erzurum, Tabriz, Tehran and Bandar Abbas before finally making it to Dubai. 

According to his calculations, travelling via land and sea will reduce the carbon emissions to less than half of that of flying – about 450 kilograms of C02 compared with about 1,100 kilograms if he had taken a flight. 

Wakker is documenting his 10-day adventure on his social media pages, tweeting about his experiences and the journey so far. He is constantly updating his followers and interacting with them for tips on how to navigate certain cities and environments. 

As interesting as it is, this isn’t the first ‘green’ journey he has taken in his life. Three years ago, the Dutchman completed a 100,000km trip from Holland to Australia, crossing 34 countries in 1,222 days. The catch is that the entire journey was covered without using a single drop of fuel, in an electric vehicle. 

We’re excited to see how the rest of Wakker’s journey fares!

Are you? 

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