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15 Apr, Monday
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Cats are really taking over the world. Here’s how

How many times have you opened Instagram or Twitter and a video of a cat doing one out of an infinite number of adorable things cats can do has shown up on your feed, and you felt a hole in your heart fill up. With love. With peace. With joy. 

We don’t have enough hands to count them all, and we know you’re lying if you say otherwise. 

Cat influencers or ‘Catfluencers’, if you will, are now a real thing and are getting some of the highest rates of traction on social media. People love animals and they love cute, cuddly things, and cats are both of those. Hence, the wild popularity of pages dedicated solely to cats or pages run by pet parents to showcase their cats. 

We’ve seen it all on Instagram, from cats flaunting wardrobes better than any of us can ever have to cats cooking, dancing, sleeping, eating or just existing. It’s all there. 

The explosion of cat accounts on social media platforms started with Nala, a sweet feline whose account became the first cat page to reach a million followers on Instagram. The account bagged the Guinness World Record of that claim and now the cat is a businesswoman? (businesscat? businessanimal?) with a premium cat food brand of her own and over four million followers. 

Lucy, a mixed-breed domestic cat, is one of the many local cat-fluencers, whose pet parent, Jennifer Lumacad, says she was a born model. 

“I started Lucy’s page when I noticed that she likes me taking photos of her,” says the marketing specialist from the Philippines. “It’s very easy for me to get a good photo or a video of her because it seems like she likes it and she knows. She poses and changes the angle on her own like a real model.” 

Lumacad wasn’t expecting for the account to collect so many followers as her initial intention for starting the page was to keep Lucy’s rescuer updated on how the cat was faring in her new home. 

“We took Lucy from Ajman with a promise to the rescuer that we will take care of her and not use her for breeding purposes. I was constantly sending photos of her so instead of doing that, I decided to make the page so she can just follow her life story with us.” 

Six months down the line, the numbers began growing and pet-food brands started to approach Lumacad for endorsements. Lucy’s fan club was growing and gifts started coming in. The account is witnessing a steady climb in popularity which is expected to continue. 

Such is the dynamic of many cat-fluencers here, who become the faces of brands and eventually brands themselves. 

Lucy and her account is a serotonin bomb and Lumacad believes that this quality of cat accounts is what makes their mark stick. 

An avid reader and writer, Manaal is known for her passion for telling stories. This passion results in her reading everywhere, on the metro, bus, and even in her dreams. In the rare instance, she isn't absorbed in a book, she can be found cuddling with cats, sleeping, and collecting an obscene amount of shoes.

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