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14 Apr, Sunday
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Human trafficking survivors speak through life-sized bowling pins

If you are heading to the Expo this week, do not miss the newest art installation at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Oasis Hub in the Jubilee Zone.

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi Centre for Shelter and Humanitarian Care, the interactive artwork is made of bowling pins, bearing images of women who are survivors of human trafficking.

Image Credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

The sobering yet inspiring artwork features haunting audio and words that take you deep into the feelings of despair, fear, and eventual hope felt by these survivors.

Creating monuments to monumental strength

Conceptualized and embroidered by artist Jennifer Simon, the artwork was created after she spent more than 2 years working with victims of trafficking and capturing their experiences in these bowling pins.

The bowling pins themselves are a metaphor for the women’s experiences, depicting how they were knocked down but picked themselves up after the ordeal.

Image Credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

To tour the artwork, head over to the Oasis Hub next to Al Wasl Plaza.

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