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14 Apr, Sunday
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If you want to smell like a walking McDonald’s, this French-fry fragrance is for you

A fragrance released by the Idaho Potato Commission labelled Frites by Idaho is the gift of your french-fry loving partner’s dream because that’s exactly what it smells like. 

We’re not kidding. 

The new fragrance gives off the scent of french fries and will make whoever wears it smell like glorious grease and salt, although we’re not sure who would harbor desires of such kind. Different strokes for different folks, we guess.

The limited-edition perfume has sold out on the website and a giveaway with the promise of more bottles of the scent ends Sunday. Made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils, it comes in a fancy-pants 1.7 ounce crystalline bottle and has a striking pale yellow colour. 

The reasoning behind this scent lies in a recent national survey conducted by a firm called Pollfish, that concluded that nearly 90 per cent of Americans find the smell of french fries ‘irresistible’. 

We think so too, just not on people. 

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