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15 Apr, Monday
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This Squid Game experience in Saudi Arabia is as real as it gets

Squid Game is proving yet again to be the gift that keeps on giving. The announcement of a second season under works for the global phenomenon of a show was the cake and now this complete Squid Game experience in Saudi Arabia is the cherry on top. 

Saudi Arabia became the first country to offer a full-fledged experience inspired by the show, minus all the blood and death, obviously. The experience, launched in 2021, consists of six games that will take place in a specially allocated zone spanning 9582sqm in Boulevard Riyadh City, Riyadh.  

The games are frighteningly identical to the stuff in the show, down to the animatronic doll of our nightmares, a tug-of-war set built three metres above the ground and a glass stepping stone bridge. Of course, the safety of players has been ensured as the glass isn’t actually breakable and is equipped with sensors and lights. 

A total of 70 participants play one set of games. They wear the iconic green tracksuit, receive cards, interact with the red soldiers, meet the grey Frontman – the whole drill. 

If you like thrills and can appreciate a solid challenge, this game is for you! 

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