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14 Apr, Sunday
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Watch: How UAE school communities came together to combat Covid?

A new documentary video series exploring behind-the-scene tales of how Dubai schools came together during the Covid-19 pandemic has been released.

The video series featuring parents, students, teachers and government officials, offers a rare perspective into how different members of the community responded to the Covid-19 outbreak, and how they came together to ensure the continuity of children’s education. The documentary is available as a series of videos on YouTube — open for audiences to watch as and when they would like to.
“Our education community has been through a lot in a short time,” director general of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dr Abdulla Al Karam, said.

KHDA’s Documentary “Education Through The Pandemic ”

“The documentary was made to give teachers, leaders, parents and students to narrate and acknowledge the commitment the academic community has shown to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and safeguarding the industry. This documentary offers the platform to reflect on an event that has undoubtedly brought us closer and made us stronger,” he added.
The 20-minute documentary narrates a timeline of events starting from when the first cases of Covid-19 were reported and countries across the world began their lockdown phase of response to the pandemic.

Through testimonials and personal accounts from parents, students and teachers, the documentary reflects on the transition Dubai’s private schools made to distance learning. Team members from KHDA also recall how Dubai residents and businesses helped each other in the early days of the pandemic. It was reported that KHDA received more than 2,000 emails and phone calls, and over 12,000 messages on social media.
As the school sector transitioned from one academic year to another, the film gives a behind-the-scene perspective on how health and safety protocols for schools were developed with other Dubai Government teams.

The documentary concludes with a look at how the pandemic changed the demands of education in Dubai, and what the future of education in Dubai might look like.

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