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14 Apr, Sunday
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Jackie Chan bears Olympic Torch in Winter games opening relay 

The Olympic Torch Relay of the 2022 Winter Olympics games saw the start of its second day atop the Great Wall of China as action movie star Jackie Chan led the Chinese Olympic medallists along a route shortened to three days due to a recent surge in COVID-19. 

Chan and the Chinese medalists took turns holding the red and silver spiral torch along the Badaling section of the Wall in freezing temperatures of as low as -11 Celsius. 

The relay of this year, which will open the games set to be held from February 4-20, is taking place on a much smaller scale in comparison to the worldwide event for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. 

From the Badaling section, the flame will be taken to Zhangjiakou in  Hebei province, where most of the snow events will take place. The relay will end with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron at Friday’s opening ceremony.

Only small, select audiences will be able to watch the games, with other competitors and personnel away from the public as part of the COVID-19 preventive measures. 

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