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14 Apr, Sunday
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NEW Radars to detect sudden swerving in Abu Dhabi; fine up to Dh400

Don’t swerve from lane or your car’s movement will be caught by new radars and you will have to shell out up to Dh400.

Abu Dhabi traffic authorities have activated the new radars so that sudden changing of lanes can be detected immediately, especially at traffic signals on various roads across the city.

Adhere to the mandatory lane at intersections whether there are traffic signals or not, the Abu Dhabi Police have asked drivers in a statement.

Sudden deviation from the road is one of the primary reasons behind traffic accidents, they pointed out.

The department has activated the automatic control to catch drivers who do not follow the mandatory lane at intersections. Those who are found responsible for sudden changing of lanes or not using indicators will have to pay Dh400.

As many as 16,378 motorists were fined in Abu Dhabi in 2021 for not using indicators or turn signals while changing lanes, the police revealed.

“The sudden change of lane, especially when approaching traffic lights, is a dangerous behaviour, which compromises the safety of the driver and puts his life and the lives of other motorists at risk,” the police underlined.

A video clip on social media has also been released by the cops to sensitise commuters on risks involved in sudden changing of lane.

Be attentive on road and avoid distractions so that you don’t control over your vehicles, they told the motorists in a statement.

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