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20 Apr, Saturday
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New drive to rediscover DUBAI’s attractions

Want to know what your next weekend dinner plan will look like? Or where to disappear for your next staycation? ‘Dubai Destinations’ has got you covered. 

The Dubai Media Council launched the brand new campaign which will throw a spotlight on all the hottest lifestyle destinations in the city. Whether it’s food, entertainment, culture or sports, ‘Dubai Destinations’ will offer an all-pervading excitement. 

The initiative comes as a step towards bringing together the incredibly varied and talented creative community of the city and government entities with resources at their disposal. Think of the best photographers, videographers, designers and animators telling one grand story! With quintessential team work, the finest experiences of the city will come alive.

The scheme – announced on Monday in the presence of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council –  positions itself as a celebration of the city, of the small cafes tucked away in street corners, of the sprawling resorts and the spectacular shows, the thrilling rides and the endless opportunities to shop.

‘Dubai Destinations’ aims to bring to life the energy, vibrancy and buzz by showcasing the city’s packed social and cultural calendar. 

An important objective of the campaign is also to extend a hand of hospitality to the tourists by showing them exactly how and where they can see the best of Dubai. Riding on the post-pandemic high, the steadily growing influx of visitors is projected to increase in the time to come. It’s only fitting to give them a warm welcome!

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