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29 May, Wednesday
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Salam Walaikum Alexa! New update lets Alexa speak Arabic

I have a confession to make.
When no one’s watching, I ask Alexa to dim my home lights, set timers, and play music. The only reason I do it is to feel like Tony Stark.
And now, I’m going to become the Arabian Iron Man thanks to Amazon’s latest announcement.

Alexa can now recite the Quran, book you a Careem, or even tell you what’s happening at Expo 2020 Dubai today.
And she’ll now be able to understand both English and Khaleeji Arabic.
According to Raf Fatani, regional general manager for Alexa in the MENA region, another thing you can say is “Alexa, wake me up for Fajr and their bedroom blinds will gently open at the right time.”
“We’re incredibly excited to bring Alexa and the Echo family of devices to the UAE,” says Tom Taylor, senior vice president, Amazon Alexa. “The team has worked hard to create an all-new Khaleeji Arabic experience designed from the ground up for Arabic-speaking customers…”.

The Amazon Echo featuring the Khaleeji Arabic upgrade will start shipping from December 14.

So that’s exactly 5 days for me to learn Arabic. Yikes. 

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