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This semi-retired couple from England travels the world by house and pet sitting in exchange for free accommodation.

Julie and Jonathan Ashworth sold their home and quit their well-paid jobs for their wanderlust.

At first, they spent their winters travelling warmer Europe, mostly Spain, and summers visiting their family in the UK, while also developing a small online business. Jonathan suggested giving up the secure roofs over their head as plans for travel began to materialise. Spreadsheets assisted in unravelling the cost management for their newfound nomadic lifestyle.

The Ashworths ventured on their journey, backpacking across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. After their return to the UK, they scouted out numerous blogs to find a way to travel the world on a budget.

It was around this time that they stumbled upon a website that offered a service where people could house and pet sit around the world.

They joined ‘TrustedHousesitters’ a platform that connects owners with sitters and began applying for their first house sitting stay. They decided to house sit locally in order to build up their profiles and visited the owners before securing their stay.

Upon formulating a significant amount of positive reviews, they began to apply for house sits in the peripherals. Three months in California commenced their international house sitting journey.

The couple preserves their relationships with both the owners and furry friends. They love the local experience.

Over 7,000 days later, there is no turning back for Julie and Jonathan.

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