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14 Jul, Sunday
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Dodecalis Luminarium is at the Expo and you shouldn’t miss the spectacle

The ‘Dodecalis Luminarium’ has been around the world, quite literally. Having made its way through 43 countries, it is now making a pit-stop in Dubai. The Expo 2020 Dubai site, to be precise.

The brainchild of Architects of Air, a UK arts organisation, the giant inflatable structure is designed to be a luminarium, made in such a way that it showcases a fantastic display of light and colour.

The interior of the structure is inspired by a dodecahedron, a geometric shape with 12 flat faces. It’s made up of a series of tunnels and rooms, each space housing a different light display. Green lasers, bright reds and bold, eye-catching patterns. 

The material of the structure is such that the light from outside affects the colours inside, causing them to shift and change throughout the day. Alan Parkinson, the founder and designer of Architects of Air, described the structure as “somewhere between a womb and a cathedral”. 

Entry to ‘Dodecalis Luminarium’ is free. The installation is open from 10am to 10pm on weekdays; 11am to 11.20pm on weekends. 

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