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14 Apr, Sunday
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This twirl atop Dubai’s Palm Tower will make you hold your breath….literally!

If you look up at the sky and see a person just dangling from a helicopter, don’t be surprised because you’re in Dubai. 

In a new promotional video released by Nakheel, a figure skater in a beautiful blue costume is seen suspended from a helicopter as it circles the Palm Tower on the Palm Jumeirah island. 

Zahra Lari, ace Emirati figure skater, Nike ambassador and member of the award-winning UAE National Team, is seen twirling on The Next Level, the observation deck transformed into an ice rink for the stunt. She reaches out to hold on as the helicopter descends and then she takes off, going higher and higher. 

The video is a teaser to an exciting new project by Nakheel coming very soon. 

In a city where larger-than-life stunts like an advertisement on top of the Burj Khalifa and tennis matches on the Burj Al Arab helipad are just another day, this uber cool video puts us in a ‘enthralled but not surprised’ kinda mood. 

The View at the Palm, the star of the video, is an observation deck that sits on top of the iconic Palm Tower, at the 52nd floor. At 240 metres above the ground, breathtaking 360° views are guaranteed. Inspiring wonder and inviting the people to explore Palm Jumeirah, one of the many fine #DubaiDestinations, the video tells us to ‘hold our breath’. 

Oh, we most definitely are!

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